Thursday, July 18, 2013


Just in the past few weeks D and I have watched Before Sunrise and Before Sunset in quick succession, and then we headed out to watch Before Midnight. Excellent! I can't believe I went so long without watching the first two, and I'm glad the third one arrived just in time to push me toward them! Have these gems slipped under your radar too?

I think this is the only film series where the sequels are not only as good (or even better) than the original, but actually even add to the original itself! Excellent writing, acting, everything - one of the most "honest" moviegoing experiences I've had! Plus, very cool to see the actual progression of years in the actors.
Before Sunrise

Before Sunset

Before Midnight

I'd first heard of these films when my dear friend S recommended the first one many many years ago, but they always slipped into the "not right now" category. They always seemed like movies you had to watch with somebody so you could talk about them and share them together, and somehow watching one of these never occurred to me at a time when I was saying "you want to watch a movie?" to a friend. Thankfully D is here to make me get to all the good things on my "to watch" (and really "to do") list! And actually, I do think the experience of watching these would probably be different if you watched them alone/with a good friend/with your partner.

Really they're so simple - just two people, have a conversation over the course of (not even) a day. But over the course of that day (and the three films) you get into the nitty gritty of love - from the romantical idealistic version to the raw everyday version. Highly recommend watching all three if you're scouting about for some good movie watching for this weekend - or perhaps a "Before" marathon over the next couple of weeks?

And if you're in the mood to watch a movie on the same theme as Before Midnight (but with more of a depressing take and slightly more melodramatic), check out Blue Valentine .


  1. Ben and I JUST watched the first 2 as well-- we can't stop talking about them. I absolutely loved the single, continuous shot of one long conversation, and all of the improvising that gave EH and JD screenwriting credits! Seriously, I'm obsessed. Can't wait to see the third soon.

    1. The third one is definitely a little darker, but so so good.


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