Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Movies in Parks

Love love love Brooklyn in the summer. So many outdoor events going on all the time! Movies in the park and film festivals always seem to have that ideal combination of entertainment, food, and drink (who can resist a picnic in the sultry weather?). A month or so ago I went to TropFest, a film festival dedicated to short films, and had a lovely time watching the really interesting, funny, and unique (and even some supremely creepy) films!

Here's one I'm looking forward to checking out soon: Summerscreen in McCarren Park.

Who wants to watch The Goonies with me? I can't believe I've never watched this classic, and I'm going to correct that grave error this summer - some day I'll be up on all my Americana, even if I have to do it one movie in the park at a time, dangit! Now it's just a matter of finding someone willing to slide back into childhood with me for an evening. 

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