Monday, July 15, 2013

Sleep No More

This past Friday D surprised me with tickets to Sleep No More. Amazing!

As soon as we entered, we had to check in all bags and purses etc., and were given masks to wear as well playing cards - I was Queen of Diamonds, and D was King of Spades! We got a drink at the bar, then were directed (according to the playing card we had been given) to split up into two groups. D and I were in separate groups, and we quickly said goodbye, ready to plunge into this crazy Macbeth-based experience. And crazy it was! 

Our group was herded into an elevator then dropped off on one of the floors (there are 4) of the Hotel McKittrick. We stepped out into a dark and macabre wonderland. I wandered through the rooms, all decorated in such detail that you feel transported to another world. A graveyard with dirt crunching under my shoes and creepy looming statues and tombstones. An eerie room full of bathtubs arranged dormitory style. A tiny room with an old fashioned dentist's chair and horrible looking implements. A candy store full of jars of different types of candy. An apothecary's shop with hundreds of little drawers. A forest. A child's abandoned bedroom. Ouf, I still can't get the images out of my head! As I wandered through each room (sometimes by myself, sometimes in company with a group of masked folks) I came upon scenes being enacted - some violent, some emotional, some purely bizarre. Following the actors from room to room, from scene to scene, and behind my anonymous-making mask, it was a truly immersive experience and one I won't forget soon.

I'm already dying to go back again - when D and I reunited at the end of the whole thing, we both had seen such different things (I would've loved to have had a one-on-one scene with an actor like D did)!! After all, there's something like 14 hours of material, so I'm sure I could go back quite a few times and see something different each time. Great experience! 

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