Friday, August 16, 2013

Artisanal Handicrafts

As you know, recently I pulled off a surprise(ish) visit to Petite Extraordinaire (and made some chocolate chip cookies for the visit). She's spent the majority of the last year working with some amazing local artisans in Gujarat, India, with Khamir, an organization that works with local craftsmen and musicians to develop and promote their work. Apart from the obvious social good that this brings into the world, you know what the good thing is about having friends working in boosting sustainable local artisanry? Gifts!!

Check out the scarf I've been wearing a bunch recently:

The perfect scarf for traveling in hot weather - wide enough to cover your shoulders from the blazing sun, light enough to sling around your neck even if it's warm, and folds up small enough to tuck into your purse when it's too hot to wear anything but the bare essentials. Also, not that I did this or anything, but the cotton is great to wipe off your face if the heat is making you don't have a handkerchief handy!

And aren't these pillow cases beautiful?

Check out the org she was working with - Khamir. They have some fascinating info on there about the handicrafts and music of local artists in Gujarat, as well as the traditions and heritage that shape these art forms.

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