Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Baby Gifts II

My friend A (also known as ActressA) has recently had a cutie patootie babe, so I'm going to pop over and visit them both sometime soon. I'm trying to think of a good vegetarian food that is easily freezable/defrostable/warmable for a busy (and most likely overwhelmed) couple with their first kid. Any suggestions?

In the meanwhile, I've also been looking for cute baby gifts. Aren't these just perfectly silly and cuddly? Perhaps not quite the thing for a new born though...

Perhaps a wicked little apple to inspire some healthful eating?

Apple Plush - Red
And for the bacon lovin' baby, there's also this:

Bacon Plush
Hee hee!

Check out Brooklyn-based Grumpy Bert for more cute gifts and toys!

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