Friday, August 30, 2013

New Mommy Care Package I

My dear friend ActressA just had a sweet little baby boy, and I've been planning a visit. I knew I wanted to give them some time to be a family unto themselves and to let their other family members visit, but I also knew I wanted to visit soon-ish and, of course, with some food. So what do you make for a vegetarian new mom whose husband has already returned to work (yeesh - when the maternity leave situation is so terrible, I guess griping about paternity leave is kind of like asking for a cherry on top - sad situation!) and who has a newborn on her hands?

I knew I wanted to give her something that would make a quick, warm, and comforting meal when she didn't have time on hand along with something snacky and fun (and even better if it were a little nutritious and healthy too). And so I set about making a little care package. Here it is!

New Mommy Care Package

- Frozen Indian Split Pea Soup (Toor Dal) + Uncle Ben's 90 second Basmati Rice (gotta give a whole meal, and pre-cooked rice is perfect for this)
- Oatmeal Cranberry Prune Cookies
- Recipes for both of the above in case she likes them enough to want to make them herself
- And, of course, a little giftie for little Baby O!

Stay tuned next week for recipes and tips & tricks from this care package. What else would you include in a fun gift for a dear friend who has just had a child?

P.S. Looking for cute baby gifts?
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Have a good weekend!


  1. Love this! One of my friends just delivered yesterday so I was just about to post about making food for a new mom too--meatloaf!

    1. Mm if you do post a meatloaf recipe I will try it out! Have been waiting for fall to do something like that - it seems kind of a quintessentially cosy food perfect for a chilly night!


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