Thursday, August 15, 2013

Of candy dishes and such

Do you keep a candy dish in your home?

Eiffel Tower Fringe Studio Glass Postcard Tray
Ours is a little depleted at the moment with just a couple of salt water taffies left on it (yum - those will be gone soon) - but that's the danger of having a candy dish, isn't it? I do like having a couple of sweet nibbles lying around though. It's nice to have something quick to offer if a friend drops by. And even though you need a little self-discipline to not gobble up everything in one go, sometimes you just have to pay attention to those little snack cravings that attack right around 4pm, don't you?
Fringe Studio makes tons of cute candy/soap/odds & ends dishes and other little home goods that are perfect for gifts or just to brighten up a coffee table in your own home.
Aren't these Rose Magnets adorable?

And perhaps a Bird Nest Crystal Cube Paperweight to brighten up your desk?
Ooh this Peacock Block Mattie Vase is just gorgeous!
I love that they seem to be pretty dedicated Francophiles too, which is always great!

Fleur de Lys Faceted Glass Wine Stopper

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