Monday, January 19, 2015

Citrus Sugar Scrub

The temps are low, the skies are grey, and it's definitely the season for multiple cups of masala tea in the afternoons and a comforting hot toddy or two in the evenings.

It is also, unfortunately, the season for dry hands and feet. I've resorted to investing in a cute little office humidifier (this one!) in addition to the big one that burbles steam into our apartment anytime I'm at home, but I know there's got to be something that's a little more luxurious.

So if you're looking for something homemade to slough (ugh, hate that word but so apt here!) off that dry skin and give you soft, moisturized hands and feet and even a little bit of a spa-like experience without venturing outside, look no further, for homemade sugar scrubs are here!

These are super simple, smell delicious, and feel amazing. And if you're like me, you've still got a bunch of sugar left over from holiday baking projects that keeps calling your name, tempting you to forego new year's resolutions (that's for February - in January we try...sometimes unsuccessfully, but we try). So grab the sugar, your basic bottle of olive oil, and a favorite essential oil and get started!

I have somehow acquired a host of essential oils, so for these scrubs I used a combination of lemon, mandarin orange, and eucalyptus. It felt in keeping with the season (especially since I've been gobbling down my customary tonnes of clementines in the winter) and just adds such a lovely bright note to the whole thing. Use whatever is your favorite. Be careful with the eucalyptus - use too much and it'll burn/sting you, so just a few drops is more than enough to add a little background note. For the next batch of scrubs I think I might use lavender. Feels springy, doesn't it?

These also make lovely homemade gifts. I've been on a whole "consume less, do more, pour your love into whatever you give" kick, and these were perfect holiday gifts. Of course, save a jar for yourself - you'll thank yourself when you want soft hands that smell nice too!

Citrus Sugar Scrub


1 1/4 cups olive oil
3 cups sugar
15-20 drops essential oil


6 4.25 oz terrine jars (like these)


In a mixer, combine olive oil, sugar, and essential oil.

No, really, that's it. Scoop the scrub into terrines, label them in your best handwriting, prettify with some colored twine, and you're good to go! 

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